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In Morocco always ask before taking pictures

In Morocco always ask before taking pictures

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Photographing people in Morocco is far harder than in other countries.

The Moroccans are very nice, friendly and talkative people. they typically smile, offer their help and have an interest in who you’re and where you come from. But the instant you aim your camera at them, their attitude changes.

Some people will suddenly cover their faces and firmly object having their photo taken, others might even scream at you.

This happened to Cynthia when she was in Chefchaouen. She had her camera in her hand and was expecting a lady and her child to travel by so she could take a photograph of the blue street. the lady thought she was getting to photograph her and made an enormous scene.

In this North-African country, people are rarely very keen on having their pictures taken. It’s always better to approach people first and have interaction in conversation with them for a short time to interrupt the ice before asking to require their portrait.

Portrait of Moroccan man – Journal of Nomads
approached the proper way, people will gladly allow you to photograph them…

Taking pictures of individuals in Morocco may be a real challenge. After a couple of months within the country though, Cynthia became specialized at it. She wrote a cool guide during which she explains the techniques she wont to approach and take pictures of individuals there.

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