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Healthy and cheap food everywhere

Healthy and cheap food everywhere

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Fruits and veggies in Morocco are a number of the simplest I had in my whole life. they’re plentiful, easily accessible all year round and that they are super fresh. Morocco might be a really good travel option for Vegans.

Bigger Moroccan cities usually have an open-air fruit and vegetable market or they’re going to have fruits and vegetables purchasable within the old city.

Markets of Agadir- Ultimate Travel Guide to Agadir- Journal of Nomads
Fresh fruit and veggies all year round…

My favorite fresh produce market in Morocco was the one in Agadir. it’s everything you’ll imagine and a few of rock bottom prices I even have seen in my life.

Apart from finding delicious food there, the place may be a photographer’s paradise. Cynthia went there a couple of times to snap amazing pictures of the market’s atmosphere.

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